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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Amazing Paint Brush Storage in Greenford, an Excellent Alternative

Paint Brush Storage in GreenfordYou’ll never have to throw away brushes when you use our amazing  paint brush storage in Greenford. Your paint brush is an important tool for your work or your artistic profession. Good quality brushes are expensive. Painters and artists enjoy a particular brush, and prefer to use it more than any other. When you choose a reliable  brand of brush, it lasts for a long time. You need to care for it properly. Otherwise, the bristles get bent  and the ferrule will rust. The brush may get clogs with dry paint and become completely useless. Keeping these aspects in mind, we created the Brush Mate system.

For painters in Greenford, paint brush storage of high-quality brushes is very important, because they are costly and used for particular jobs. There are different brushes for various applications. Inexpensive ones can be disposed of once the work is done. For instance, brushes to apply glue or paint that won’t be part of the final finish can be cheaper. The bristles are usuallyof synthetic material. They may be thicker, blunt and fewer in number. Such brushes can be part of your collection, but you don’t have to worry too much about maintenance. Quality brushes are available in different styles. Bristles are of natural fibre such as ox or hog, blended with polyester or nylon. This makes them soft, and suitable for oil and latex based paints. They hold the paint better. The ferrule is a non-corrosive, rust-proof metal.

Our paint brush storage in Greenford is perfect for working painters and hobbyists alike. Thus, our system helps to store your brushes whenever they’re not in use. It helps to clean, store, transport and extend the life of your brushes. It is a safe, convenient and efficient way to transport your brushes. The traditional method of storing used brushes in a jar of paint thinner/solvent overnight, or between jobs is messy and inconvenient. Contact Brush Mate today and find out more. Our system uses a vapour to suspend brushes in. You get your brushes clean and fresh, ready for use every time.

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