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The best products to help you stay safe when working up a ladder!

man-up-a-ladderWorking at Heights up a ladder is something that everyone, not only decorators, need to be aware of.

You need to be aware of the risks you could face when working up a ladder. For more information about working at heights legislation’s click here.

These products are not only for professional use but you can use them when you are working up a ladder at home.

1. Brush Mate Can Handle

The Brush Mate Can Handle is designed to improve your safety up a ladder. It is designed to hold your paint pot, can or scuttle onto the ladder giving you the freedom of using both hands up the ladder.

Suitable for both left and right handed use, the Brush Mate Can Handle is safer than a traditional bent piece of wire and can ensure your paint is secure while you are up the ladder.

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2. Ladder M8rix Pro-Plus

The Ladder M8rix Pro-Plus is a product which enables you to reduce the risk of your ladder slipping. It works by holding the foot of your ladder in place reducing the slip risk. Their Pro_plus product can be used in all surfaces internally and externally.

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3. Werner Ladder Pads

Werner ladder pads are designed to fit onto the top of your ladder to prevent marking on your surface. It also provides extra resistance to sideways ladder slip at the top of your ladder.

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