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Andy Sandy, never heard of it? Let us tell you more…

Are you finding it difficult to sand awkwardly shaped surfaces? Have you ever heard of our Andy Sandy sanding blocks? No? Well, let me tell you all about them.

Brush Mate Andy Sandy family, is a pack of 4 different shaped sanding blocks made from carbide grit to be used on old paintwork, plaster, wood, metal or plastic. They have a contoured shape to help ease grip and the different shapes easily fit timber mouldings. A benefit of Brush Mate Andy Sandy is that they are a safer sanding block as they won’t tear when you rub over an old nail or another sharp object so you’ll be less likely to have any unplanned injuries on the job.

So why not consider buying yourself this handy decorators accessory and make all of your sanding troubles disappear. Find your nearest Brush Mate stockist to buy yours.