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What is the Best Container to Store Paintbrushes?

Store PaintbrushesOne of the common questions we receive is “What is the best container to store paintbrushes?” Many people submerge their paint brushes in open containers or buckets with paint, solvent or water. This approach is common with painters who need to take a break and resume the same job later. While storing brushes in paint works for short breaks, it is not a sustainable solution. Hence, the paint can dry up and form a rigid coat around your brush. Storing your used paintbrushes in solvent or water, interferes with your paint consistency when you resume painting. The presence of excess solvent or water in your brush can alter your paint mixture and produce a different colour tone, shade or weight compared to previous brush strokes.

We can provide an exceptional stress-free paintbrush storage solution that beats all conventional methods. What is the best container to store paintbrushes? Ours is! We provide high-quality paintbrush storage solutions for several applications. Our paintbrush buckets vary in size to suit your needs. We have paintbrush buckets for four brushes, 13 brushes and over 20 brushes. The variable paint brush bucket also enables you to store brushes that vary in size. Instead of water or solvents, we store our brushes in a unique vapour system that keeps them soft and pliable ready for re-use hours, days or months later.

If you are still wondering “What is the best container to store paint brushes?” come to us. We have a proven paint brush storage solution that saves you time and money. Instead of wasting time cleaning your brush, hang it in our trade bucket directly. You can retrieve and use your brush immediately, no matter how long you store it in our buckets. Contact  Brush Mate today for the best paintbrush containers in the market. Our unique solution is popular among several painters, from DIY enthusiasts to commercial professionals.

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