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Should Paint Brushes be Stored Upright?

Brushes be Stored UprightThere are several opinions regarding the best way to store one’s paint brushes. The general consensus is to store them upright with the bristles upside. However, it is also a good plan to ensure that the paint brushes are dry before storing them upright. This is because liquid can cause the ferrules to rust. It can also cause damage to the handle of the paintbrush as well. The bristles can also bend, and paint can harden on the stock. Storing your paint brushes in jars of solvent or water is messy and inconvenient. It can be challenging to transport them too.

A great answer to the question of whether paint brushes should be stored upright is to use the innovative Brush Mate Storage System. This is a storage system that takes away the questions surrounding the correct storage method. Furthermore, it is an ideal way to ensure the longevity of your paint brushes. The Brush Mate storage system is ideal for full time painters and hobbyists. It is easy to use and can save you both time and effort. In addition, your paint brushes will be ready to use, whenever you need them. The Brush Mate storage system uses a vapour to clean the paintbrushes. All you need to do is clip them in the handy container and let the vapour do its work.

So, should paint brushes be stored upright? This is a valid question and the answer remains a solid yes. However, using the Brush Mate Storage system not only keeps the paintbrushes upright, but keeps them clean, soft, and ready for use. For more details about the innovative and handy Brush Mate system, contact Brush Mate today. The storage system includes a sturdy and easy-to-clean container. It also includes the vapour and clips inside the container to hold the brushes in place. Storing your paint brushes upright is easy to do when you use Brush Mate. In addition, you’ll never need to worry about old, unusable brushes again with Brush Mate!

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