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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Paint Brush Storage in Whaley Bridge

Paint Brush Storage in Whaley BridgePerhaps you resolved your dilemma regarding paint brush storage in Whaley Bridge the same way as many others; throw them away. It usually works like this; you buy two or three cheap paint brushes for your painting project; for the duration of the project, you wrap the used brushes full of paint in foil or plastic wrap when not in use; during reuse, you ignore the rust stains, thick paint platelets, stiff bristles and use the brush anyway. When you finish the job, you drop the paint pot, brushes and other paraphernalia into a heavy duty black plastic trash bag and tie it up. Filled with guilt, you watch the trash collector innocently retrieve your bag of toxic waste knowing it’s going into a landfill. Shame!

Our innovative company, Brush Mate, has developed a responsible and sensible system of brush care. Now, for amateur and professional decorators in Whaley Bridge, paint brush storage and reuse is possible without first cleaning. It’s the Brush Mate Wet Paint Brush Storage System. It is an indispensable container with clips to hold brushes. Take your wet brush, clip into the container and close the lid. The special vapour system will keep the brushes soft and ready for reuse for months. We have two sizes; Trade 4+ is for do-it-yourselfers and the Trade 20 is perfect for professional decorating contractors. The worst part of painting and staining is eliminated with Brush Mate.

Our Paint Brush Storage in Whaley Bridge is available at most paint and decorating stores. While you are there, buy yourself a few top quality, long lasting paint brushes. Good quality brushes will do a better job for you. Since you won’t be throwing them away after the first use, they’re worth the money. Contact Brush Mate today for more about our paint brush storage system. The Trade 20 will hold 20 brushes which is why contractors find them indispensable. Replacement hooks and vapour packets are stocked as well. That takes care of the brushes but don’t forget about the empty paint pot. We recommend Earthborn paints that are not petrochemical based and therefore healthier for consumer and the environment.

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