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Paint Brush Storage in Manchester

Paint Brush Storage in ManchesterIf you are a decorator or DIY enthusiast, consider paint brush storage in Manchester as an ideal way to store your brushes wet without cleaning them. You are undoubtedly aware that storing your wet varnish or gloss brushes in jars of solvents or water can be both messy and time consuming. No longer do you have to worry about rusting ferrules, bent bristles, or hardening paint. With the Brush Mate wet brush storage system, you can keep your brushes in great condition . Not only will they remain in excellent condition, they will be ready to use when you need them.

For decorators and DIY enthusiasts in Manchester, paint brush storage is fast becoming an indispensable part of their tools. After you are done with your painting project, you needn’t spend hours cleaning your brushes. All you need to do is clip your brushes into the Brush Mate Trade 20 or Trade 4+. The unique vapour system will keep all your brushes soft and pliable, and ready for immediate use, regardless of when you want to use them. We offer 2 types of paint brush storage systems. The larger Trade 20 system can hold up to 20 brushes, which makes it an ideal system for the professional. Made with a stable design, ensuring no-spill transport, it also has a robust steel carrying handle. It is available complete with a 250ml bottle of fluid and drip mat.

Paint brush storage in Manchester is a must-have for decorators and DIY enthusiasts. The Trade 4 is perfect for the DIY enthusiast. A convenient size, it holds up to 4 large brushes, and boasts a resilient nylon construction. The Trade 4 has its own impregnated vapour mate pad, which means there is no fluid to worry about. If you would like more information about our paint brush storage system, contact Brush Mate. We are proud of our reputation in the market place, including the strong customer loyalty to the brand. Our customers’ satisfaction remains central to our philosophy, and we take great pride in our responsive, reliable service and attention to detail.

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