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Paint Brush Storage in Leicester

Paint Brush Storage in LeicesterPaint brush storage in Leicester will come in handy for any professional or avid DIY-er. It saves times and resources and even gives you an opportunity to look forward to your next paint project. Brush Mate has the storage solution of your desire. It is a trading division of Gordon Products Ltd. Since 1965, it has developed and manufactured metal and wire products for numerous industries for use both within the UK and abroad. The products it manufactures for the UK painting and decorating market are sold exclusively under its Brush Mate and Earthborn brands. The first product to carry the now famous Brush Mate brand was the revolutionary Brush Mate wet paint brush care and storage system. Brush Mate Trade 20 has become essential equipment for professional painters and the Brush Mate brand has become synonymous with innovation and quality.

How exactly does it work and what are its benefits? In Leicester, paint brush storage system enables you to store your brushes while wet without needing to clean them beforehand. Storing wet brushes in jars of water in order to clean them is both time consuming and not exactly the neatest job. It also destroys your brushes by bending the bristles rusting the ferrules and even hardens the paint in stock. The Brush Mate 20 and Trade 4+ use a unique vapour system that keeps the brushes soft and pliable and ready for re-use even after months of storage. This prolongs the brush life as well, saving you on money. All you have to do is clip the brushes onto the chambers provided and let it do the work. We recommend the Trade 20 for the professional and the Trade 4+ for a small-scale painter such as a DIYer.

With unique paint brush storage in Leicester such as this, you don’t have to be taunted over getting into your next project. Get started and while you’re at it, contact Brush Mate for your storage unit. We are proud of our reputation in the market and strong customer loyalty to the brand. Our service is always reliable and we strive to pay attention to detail.

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