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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Paint Brush Storage in Birmingham

Paint Brush Storage in BirminghamThere is now a revolutionary new system of paint brush storage in Birmingham. Our paint brush storage system uses a unique vapour action that saves on cleaning and prolongs brush life while avoiding mess and fuss. There are two sizes in the paint brush storage system, the Trade 20 and the Trade 4+.  The Trade 20 holds up to 20 brushes and comes with a bottle of fluid and a drip mat. It has a steel carry handle and has been designed to be stable for spill free transport. The Trade 4+ holds up to 4 large brushes or several or more smaller ones. It comes with an impregnated vapour mat, no fluid needs to be added. It is made of resilient nylon and is ideal for the DIY enthusiast.

All homes have paint brushes and most of them are hard, solid blocks. In Birmingham, paint brush storage will have your brushes soft and clean and ready for use at any time. Storing used paint brushes in jars of solvent is inconvenient and messy. It often does not work very well and the brushes solidify and have to be thrown away. After using the paint brush on any paint or varnish simply clip the brush into the Brush Mate and the vapour system keeps the brushes soft and pliable even months later. The unit will store wet brushes instantly for any length of time without bending the bristles or rusting the ferrules.

We are very proud of our paint brush storage system in Birmingham. We cater for both the professional painter and the DIY enthusiast. Contact Brush Mate if you are tired of throwing away used paint brushes and we can show you how to care for and store them safely. There are accessories available for the Brush Mate. Fluid for the Trade 20 is available and vapour mats for the Trade 4+. Extra brush clips are also available if you have smaller paint brushes. This revolutionary system will save you money on replacement paint brushes.

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