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What is the Trade 4+? Is it suitable for the keen DIYer?

Brush Mate Trade 4+At Brush Mate we are trying to broaden our horizons and not only focus our products on the trade painters and decorators but also the keen DIYer.

The Brush Mate Trade 4+ is the perfect paint tool for the keen DIYer. The Trade 4+ is a smaller brush box than the Brush Mate Trade 20; however it follows the same principle being the perfect tool for storing paint brushes so that you return to them in the same condition as when you left them. No need to clean your paint brush.

The Brush Mate Trade 4+ can store up to 4 paint brushes, perfect for the small jobs. The box contains a vapour mate pad instead of the Brush Mate fluid, which produces the same vapour to keep your brushes in the same condition making this the perfect paint tool.

Inside Trade 4+

Just like the Trade 20, the Trade 4+ is only effective with OIL-BASED paints.

The vapour mate pad will make you aware when you need to change it by showing you a little star, so once you can see the star ensure you are replacing the vapour mate pad so that you can have full use of your Trade 4+ brush box!

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