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Where Do You Keep Your Brushes?

Where Do You Keep Your Brushes?There are different answers to the question ‘where do you keep your brushes?’ Some painters prefer to keep their brushes in a jar, cup or container. They keep their paintbrushes with the bristles upright. However, there are some who keep their paint brushes in a canvas roll. Both these storage methods may be suitable for an artist. A painter or DIY enthusiast may find these 2 methods a little inconvenient for their specific needs. As such, they will require a different method in which to keep their paintbrushes. This is particularly true if their paintbrushes are still wet. Keeping brushes in the traditional way is not always practical.

You may have heard about the revolutionary Brush Mate Paint Brush Storage option. If not, you will be happy to find that this is an ideal way in which to keep your paintbrushes. Hence, it is also an ideal way to store wet brushes. It keeps the brushes safe from harm. As such, the bristles have protection and the ferrules will not rust with this system. Furthermore, the paintbrushes are ready to use, whenever you need them. How it works is that you can clip the brushes in the Brush Mate container. Hence, the unique vapour system will keep the brushes soft and pliable. Moreover, they’ll be ready for immediate use as soon as you want them.

So, when wondering where to keep your brushes, the answer is Brush Mate. It is available in different sizes, ideal for different size painting jobs. You can choose the Trade 20 – perfect for the large painting project. Hence, it can hold up to 20 brushes at a time. Or, you can choose the Trade 4+. This one is perfect for smaller jobs and general DIY use. This size holds up to 4 large brushes. To find out more about the innovative Brush Mate Storage system, contact Brush Mate right away. Our prices are highly competitive. Furthermore, you’ll never query where or how to store or keep your paintbrushes again!

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