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What do I do with my Paint Brush Between Coats?

 Paint Brush Between CoatsIf you have an ongoing painting project, you may be concerned about storing your paint brush between coats. In the past, it is likely that you stored your paint brushes in jars of solvent, especially if you were using varnish or glass paint. However, this is a tiresome process as you’d have to carry the jars with you when you left the site.

A painting project often requires more than one coat. An issue is knowing what to do with the paint brushes between coats. If you leave them overnight, the paint will dry. Your paintbrushes will need extensive cleaning in order to use them again. Worse, the ferrules and bristles may be damaged, and it is likely that you’ll replace them with new.

There is a solution

For both professional painters and DIY enthusiasts, there is a great solution. Its Brush Mate, you won’t have to worry about storing your paint brushes between coats again. An innovative and easy to use paint brush storage system, it is valued by all painters. We offer paint brush storage solutions to make your life easier.

The Brush Mate paint storage solution is a system where you can store up to 20 wet paint brushes without having to clean them. It uses a special liquid that evaporates slowly from the vapour panel. This produces a solvent vapour that fills the Brush Mate container. The vapour stops the solvent from evaporation as well as the film formation of oil-based or alkyd paints and varnishes.

Benefits of the Brush Mate paint brush storage system

This innovative and fabulous paint brush storage system is ideal for anyone who uses a paint brush. The many benefits include:

  • Storage of wet paint brushes between coats
  • Paint brushes are ready for immediate use without cleaning
  • Paint brushes suspended in a vapour – there is no liquid involved
  • No rusty ferrules or bent bristles
  • Ensures a longer paint brush life
  • Easy to use

The Brush Mate paint brush storage system is the ideal solution for storing your paint brushes between coats. For more details, or to request a quote, contact Brush Mate today. Our experts are on hand to answer any of your questions.

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