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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Paint Brush Storage in Leicestershire, a Convenient Way to Store Your Brushes

Paint Brush Storage in LeicestershireYou will appreciate the value of paint brush storage in Leicestershire if you’ve done any DIY painting.

It’s likely that your bottles and tubs of solvent have sad looking brushes with hardened bristles stuck to them. It is easier just to toss the whole away. There is now a revolutionary new way to deal with paint brushes that cleans them and keeps them soft and pliable for years. We offer a small kit for the home painter who paints the odd bit of furniture. There is also a larger kit for the professional painter. Our new concept will save decorators both time and money. This is because the brushes do not need cleaning before storing. On top of that, the paint brushes do not need replacing after each project.

There is a new way to keep your equipment in great shape. In Leicestershire, paint brush storage will stop the ferrules from rusting and the bristles from bending. For instance, the Brush Mate Trade 20 can take up to 2 brushes at a time. Just clip the used brushes in the box and the unique vapour system cleans the paint brushes and leaves them ready for use hours, days or months later. As you suspend the brushes in vapour and not liquid, there is no spillage. you can also adjust the clips to fit your specific requirements. Furthermore, you may need space for many large brushes. The box can be adapted for all brush sizes.

Our revolutionary paint brush storage in Leicestershire is an excellent investment. Say goodbye to inconvenience and time wasting. You are welcome to contact Brush Mate today to get your paint brush storage system. We also have a number of handy products to make life easier for the DIY enthusiast and the professional decorator. Our Andy Sandy Family are clog-free sanding blocks that are the equivalent of 200 sheets of sandpaper. The Can Handle allows a pot of paint to be secured to the ladder while painting. Our Aroma is a scent which masks the choking smell of fresh paint with a lovely floral fragrance. Make your painting project a pleasure with our excellent products.

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