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Paint Brush Storage in Macclesfield, Makes All the Difference in Your Day

Paint Brush Storage in MacclesfieldOur paint brush storage in Macclesfield is a perfect example of a little thing that makes all the difference in your day.

Clever minds are always coming up with good ideas and products that make our day to day a bit easier or more pleasant. A remote can start your car so it’s warm or cool when you get in. A remote can also turn things on and off so you don’t have to get up to do it yourself. Automatic bill pay means no more afternoons spent writing checks, addressing envelopes and making a trip to post them. Hence, each was a magnificent help on it’s own; combined, it’s even better; usually.

We can live without all of these marvellous life helps but they do improve the quality of our life. In the same way, in Macclesfield, our paint brush storage removes a messy chore. For professional house painters, interior decorators, homeowners and handy persons, paint brush cleaning and storage is now simplified. At the end of the day, it makes all the difference. There is no more standing and meticulously cleaning paint brushes with solvents so they can be reused. No more removing a brush from storage only to find there are still brush fibres stiff from paint. No more mangled bottom edges making the brush useless for professional paint jobs. You can now buy high quality brushes that perform better without the need for frequent costly replacements.

For paint brush storage in Macclesfield, it’s all in the box. Place your used paint brush in the box using the provided clips to hold it in place. Add our cleaning solvent, close the box and the brush cleaning is completed for you. Leave the brushes in the box for months if you want to. It’s safe storage that protects the brushes from damage. Or, take the brush out for reuse within hours. Moreover, it will be clean, soft and pliable, just like a new brush. The brushes are suspended in vapour, not liquid, which is why they’re ready to use whenever you are. Contact Brush Mate to learn more about this brush cleaning system and why it makes all the difference. Furthermore, we offer the Brush Mate 20 or the smaller Brush Mate 4. One of them is going to get you home for dinner on time from now on.

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