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Paint Brush Storage in Cheshire

Paint Brush Storage in CheshireWhat do you do for paint brush storage in Cheshire between decorating jobs or overnight while on a project?  We’ve seen brushes stored in totes, tool boxes, zip lock baggies, thrown in a box on the floor, hung from wires or hooks,  and kept in their covers on the passenger seat. The one thing all those methods have in common is they only work for clean paint brushes. The only way to get them ready to store is clean them, let them dry and protect them with some sort of cover. Even if you are using water-soluble paint, the job site owner might not want you cleaning your paint brushes in their kitchen sink or even the laundry tub. So when you get home or back to the shop you have to take them out, clean them and put them back.

You must store them carefully so there is no chance of the bristles getting crumpled and bent or that famous split down the middle. At Brush Mate we think that in Cheshire, paint brush storage should be easier. How about you hang your used brushes in an enclosed box and close the lid. The box stays inside your work truck or van until you need the brushes again. It could be tomorrow or next month; it doesn’t matter. When you need a brush for painting again, you open the lid to the box and remove one. They are all clean, soft and ready to use. That’s not a magic box, it’s our Brush Mate and we make it in two sizes. The Brush Mate 20 is ideal for professionals and holds 20 brushes. The Trade 4 is great for do it yourself types.

The Brush Mate paint brush storage in Cheshire is a simple concept. After painting, clip your wet brushes in the Brush Mate. The vapour system will clean the brushes and keep them ready to use indefinitely. The brushes are suspended in vapour, not sloppy smelly jars of water or solvents. Contents are secure. Imagine; no rusty bristle holder, hard paint clumps or wasted time cleaning brushes. Your expensive professional brushes will be easy to care for and last much longer. Contact us for more information. We can answer your questions and direct you to your nearest stockist.

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