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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Paint Brush Storage in Derbyshire, No Mess, No Fess, Pure Convenience

Paint Brush Storage in DerbyshirePaint brush storage in Derbyshire may not be your biggest problem as a painter. There is a lot of stuff going on all the time like finding new customers and keeping your current ones happy. Maintaining your truck so you get to the job as scheduled may be a concern and hoping your help shows up is another. Is there anything more aggravating than opening the paint pot and finding the wrong shade of blue? At Brush Mate, we can’t solve all those problems for you but we can make your day to day work experience easier and save you valuable time. You don’t have to clean your paint brushes anymore. Each morning just open our Brush Mate box and remove your favourite brushes. When you finish with each, replace it in the Brush Mate and done.

Our steel Brush Mate boxes will hold up to 20 brushes securely in clips inside the box. For interior and exterior painters in Derbyshire, paint brush storage is secure, even while transporting. Within the Brush Mate box, vapors prevent your brushes from drying out. Clip them in wet with paint and when you open the Brush Mate again you’ll find soft brushes, ready to use. Your brushes will last longer and there’s no worry about stiffness or dried paint flecks. Brush Mate works with all oil based paints, lacquers and varnishes. Furniture refinishers will want their own Brush Mate. Besides our Brush Mate Trade 20 that holds 20 brushes, we offer a smaller Brush Mate, Trade 4 that holds up to 4 brushes. This smaller version is ideal for furniture restorers, artists and do-it-yourself homeowners.

Paint brush storage in Derbyshire with Brush Mate is good for your paint brushes and avoids the messy clean up. Secured within the spill proof box, your brushes are suspended in vapour and quickly ready for reuse right away or months away. We think our products will make your workday easier by removing the messy and time-consuming chore of cleaning paint brushes. They are highly rated and very affordable. Contact Brush Mate with your questions and for a list of stockists in your area or online. Brush Mate products are proven safe with proper use and will provide many years of dependable service.

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