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How Do You Store Your Paint Brushes? Choose an Innovative Paint Brush Storage

store paint brushesAs a painter, whether for pleasure or business, you may have pondered the question of how to store your paint brushes – what is the best paint brush storage option? This could be a matter of preference, and it could also be a matter of habit. However, there is an innovative way to store your paint brushes. Brush Mate is the ideal answer to every painter’s dilemma of storing paint brushes.

What is Brush Mate?

This is an innovative system that makes life easier for both painters and DIY enthusiasts. It removes the need to store wet varnish and gloss paint brushes in jars of solvents. This, as you likely know, is very time-consuming and messy! Quite often, ferrules rust and the bristles of the paint brushes bend. Furthermore, it is likely that the paint hardens in the stock and it can be difficult to transport them as they are likely to spill in your van, causing an unsightly mess. However, with Brush Mate, this can be a thing of the past.

How it works

The Brush Mate Trade 20, Trade 4+ or the new addition, the Brush Bucket, contains a unique vapour system. All you need to do is simply clip your paint brushes into this container. What happens then is that the unique vapour system keeps your brushes soft and pliable. As such, they’re ready to use when you need them. Furthermore, your paint brushes are ready for use merely hours after inserting them into the Brush Mate. The great thing is, you can leave your paint brushes in the Brush Mate for weeks or even months, and they will still be ready for use.

The Trade 20 can hold up to 20 brushes. This makes it ideal for the busier painter. It is rugged and is available in a steel body.

On the other hand, the Trade 4+, as smaller version of the above, is great for the DIY painter. It does not have any fluid as it has an impregnated Vapour Mate pad.

Storing your paint brushes is easy and convenient with the innovative Brush Mate system.

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