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Effective Paint Brush Storage in Durham

Paint Brush Storage in DurhamThere are lots of reasons why you might require paint brush storage in Durham. It may seem obvious that the main seekers are professional painters and hobbyists, but even within these broad strokes, there are detailed requirements. Basically, you need a place to keep your brushes, more so if you work with acrylics, varnishes, oil paints, or similar media. But any painter will tell you there’s a step before storage: cleaning the brushes. If you just lock them away while they’re wet, the paint will dry on the brushes, making them unusable in the future. Unfortunately, that brush-washing process is long, annoying, and boring.

Among painters in Durham, paint brush storage comes after soaking their brushes in water or solvent, then drying them out. This drying process – if done improperly – can bend and stiffen your brush bristles. Then you need to find a safe, convenient place to stow said brushes. Brush Mate solves all these problems in a single swipe. Buy a Trade 20 or Trade 4+ (the number indicates the brushes you can keep in your storage pack). Brushes can stay in the box for years at a time, and when you take them out, they’re immediately ready for use. The storage pack is a container with clips to hold the brushes, and a special cleaning fluid.

Paint brush storage in Durham takes two formats. The Trade 20 is a steel box with a nylon lid, while the Trade 4+ is a much smaller nylon box. Trade 20 has a bottle of fluid with a wick, and it seeps vapour into the box. Trade 4+ uses a pad moistened with our special cleaning fluid. You don’t need to clean the brush before it goes into your Brush Mate box. Just clip it into place while it’s still wet and close the lid.To find out more about our unique paint brush storage, contact Brush Mate.  The cleaning fluid evaporates, infusing your brushes with sanctifying vapours, and leaving them soft, supple, and ready for your next use. There’s even a drip mat to catch falling bits of paint, ink, or oil.

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