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Paint Brush Storage in Sheffield

Paint Brush Storage in SheffieldWith the right paint brush storage in Sheffield, you can keep your expensive painting tools soft and supple. At Brush Mate, we provide smart, practical and simple solutions for decorators. We are a trading division of Gordon Products which has more than 50 years business experience in various sectors. Our products are marketed under the Brush Mate brand which was a revolutionary breakthrough in brush care and storage systems. Today, our Brush Mate 20 is an essential part of any top-quality decorator’s equipment. The Brush Mate 20 and Trade 4+ systems also present clients with a professional, modern image.

Professional painters and decorators know that it can cost at least £200 to replace a full set of 20 brushes. In Sheffield, paint brush storage can be a messy business. You need to soak them in white spirit or turpentine every time you finish using them. This can be a problem as you can’t carry them with you every time. Disposing of the cleaning liquid can be difficult in a client’s place, apart from the hassle of washing your brushes properly and removing every trace of paint. Otherwise you could end up with stiffened bristles that could break or get damaged the next time you want to use them. The ferrules can rust, while bristles bend out of shape. Paint once hardened on the brush is almost impossible to remove.  Storing brushes in water is not practical either. Keeping your brushes in Brush Mate allows them to be ready for use any time you want. The convenient carrying case allows you to store your brushes neatly.

Paint brush storage in Sheffield is one of the most important aspects of planning a decoration job. For professional decorators, DIY enthusiasts and jobbing builders, brushes are the most important and essential tools. They are expensive and professionals get used to using a particular set. Replacing them often is expensive and inconvenient. For more information about our paint brush storage system, contact Brush Mate. We have become the most popular pieces of equipment that’s used throughout the UK and is rated as the most convenient, spill-proof, effective and easy way to take care of your good brushes.

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