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How do I look after my Trade 20?

Brush Mate should be your go to brand for professional painting and decorating tools. One of our core products for paint brush care is the Trade 20.

Like a car, the Trade 20 needs to be serviced regularly to ensure that all elements of the product are working to the best of their ability in order for you to gain the most out of the product. We recommend servicing every 6 months!

But how do I service it? Well, here at Brush Mate we’ve got that covered with our specially designed service pack which can be purchased at your local stockist.

Within a Trade 20 service pack you will receive:

-A drip mat for the bottom of the box.

-A vaporiser panel which is placed in the middle of the box which comes with an attached wick.

-4 paint brush clips to replace any broken clips.

So, make sure you are servicing your Trade 20 every 6 months to ensure you are working with the best paint tools!!